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The cloud forest of Altamira is a sublime destination for ecotourism; a particular and scarce ecosystem not easily found in the world. At 2,200 meters above sea level lie 30 hectares of natural and mesmerizing show of a variety of flora and fauna and 100% pure and delicious water.


Its trees, many over 90 feet high, house in their trunks amounts of epiphytes such as orchids, bromeliads, heliconia, and lianas, which are very much enjoyed by the local fauna. The forest, at the bottom, is dense with ferns, palm kernel, mosses, lichens, mushrooms, dwarf bamboo, chites and other small plants.


Due to the variety and abundance of ornamental birds, like hummingbirds, tanagers and asomas, among others, Colombia, and especially cloud forest as Altamira’s, makes it a privileged place in the world.


Everyone who visits the cloud forest of Altamira is captivated by the magic and incredible energy of this place. As Lucia Jaramillo writes it in her book “Aves de Colombia” (Birds of Colombia), “it is fascinating to visit these mountains, which with the Paramos, are the water making machines. Entering them allows us to enjoy sort of a spiritual retreat. These mountains are the temples of nature. “